We are


Having my roots in Japan, I studied hair and make up artist in

Tokyo. My professional career brought me to places like New York,

London and finally to Zurich. My portfolio consists of magazine

photo shootings, advertisements, music videos and fashion shows.


In Zurich, I belong to the Zurich agency “Style Council” 



Some of my recent work in Switzerland include:


  • Aannabelle Magazine
  • 20minuten Magazine
  • Magazine Z
  • Galaxus advertisement


With all my clients, I am dedicated to identify and create the perfect

look suiting each client’s individual style.

Even though I became a senior stylist I continue taking lessons in

London and Tokyo, or follow hair artist classes because I am

constantly motivated to improve my knowledge of hair cutting,

colouring and styling.


There is no better feeling than helping make my clients look and

feel at their best!



My great passion are my customers, their beauty and satisfaction

with themselves. After the basic education in Zurich as a

hairdresser and the subsequent further education as make-up artist

numerous trainings at the Allilon Academy in London followed.


My activity is mainly focused on cients in the salon, but I also very

gladly take external jobs.


Here is a small excerpt from my external job references:

  • Weddings
  • TV: Star TV, Freaky pure nightlife
  • Advertising: Vabene shoe, Adidas, Plozza wines, SUVA
  • Movies: Eldorado, The Parking Garage, And Suddenly It's Morning
  • Fashion shows: Les trouvailles de Fiona, Inakess
  • Shootings: in collaboration with various photographers


The variety and the craft of hair styling still fills me with joy. Every

day I am excited to learn and try out new things. My interest is not

only in beauty, but also in health and general well-being. This led

me to the Paracelsus School in 2018, where I completed my

training as a holistic nutritionist.


I consider it a great privilege to be able to accompany my clients a

little on their path. It is close to my heart that EVERYONE feels

comfortable in their skin.


Thank you for your trust and I look forward to seeing you!